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2020 St Luke's Staff Spirituality Session

Here I designed and implemented a session for the 2020 whole Staff Spirituality day. Staff reflected on the concept "Ministry" and took individual photos of their reflections to create the collaborative mural seen below.

2019 St Luke's Staff Presentation

2017 St Luke's Staff Spirituality Session

Here I worked collaboratively with another member of staff to design and implement a session for our Staff Spirituality Day resulting in the collaborative artwork below.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 9.57.45 pm.png

St Pauls Spirituality Workshop 

Here, I designed a printmaking ( etching ) task were each staff member would be responsible for a small tile which focused on one specific part of St Paul's journey. This task was designed so that success was achievable and even less 

confident artists/staff would be able to produce a good result. the plates were produced in a 35 minute session and printed at a later stage.

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